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Effective Use of Mailing Lists for Marketing

Effective Use of Mailing Lists for Marketing

When using technology for marketing, don’t make the mistake of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. While Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites are taking the spotlight in many marketing circles, direct mail marketing using targeted mailing lists is still one of the best, most effective ways to reach your prospective customers, and it just keeps on getting better. The same technology that powers social media marketing also makes it easier for mailing list suppliers to compile specialty mailing lists and targeted mailing lists for direct mail marketing. In addition, the new technology is powering some trends in direct mail marketing that can make your mailing lists a more effective marketing tool. Here are a few ways that technology has made it easier than ever to target your potential customers with mailing lists.

1. Deeper targeting makes your specialty mailing lists, consumer mailing lists and business mailing lists more effective than ever. Online surveys and games have made it easier than ever for mailing list providers to gather information about consumer preferences and desires. Your mailing lists can now go deeper than basic demographics of age, income, marital status and location. You can further define your specialty mailing lists and consumer mailing lists by hobbies, preferred activities, buying habits, even favorite brands. All this new data not only helps you target your direct mail to the right market, it also helps you develop more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

2. Automation and on-demand printing allow you to target your mailing lists with personalized marketing materials. Mail merge was a huge advance that allowed you to address each of your prospective customers by name, but it’s old hat now. Today’s on-demand direct mail printing allows you to personalize your interactions with prospective customers and existing customers even further. You can start with specialty mailing lists or develop your own, then set up an automated system that sends out direct mail based on every customer response and action. Working with a mailing list company that offers full-service fulfillment or a printer that offers mailing lists service lets you combine several effective marketing techniques into a killer marketing strategy.

3. Options, options, options! Develop marketing materials that give your prospective customers lots of options, including online options. Here’s where direct mail marketing has it all over social media marketing: a physical card or piece of paper sticks around on the desktop long after a tweet or Facebook message has disappeared into the ether. But that doesn’t mean that they’re useless-the interactive nature of the web gives you unprecedented access to your market. The trick? Use direct mail marketing with targeted mailing lists to aim customers at your online presence. Include your Twitter user name and Facebook URL on any piece of direct mail that goes out, and then give your customers a reason to Like and Follow you. Hook them through your mailing lists and marketing material, and then reel them in with Tweets and Facebook offers.

One of the dangers of new technology is letting go of proven techniques in older technology. Instead of abandoning direct mail marketing in favor of social media marketing, devise a marketing strategy that draws on the strengths of every marketing tool in your toolbox. Start with targeted mailing lists to identify your best prospects, then go to work to turn them into customers.

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