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Learn more details on how to manage Posts and Pages in WordPress.

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WordPress Posts is a great way to publish your website news, articles, stories and post new updates. Posts have tendency to be indexed by Google a lot faster than static WordPress pages. You can have as many posts as you want per one website. As long as your hosting plan gives you enough space to manage your website - you can write posts every day. WordPress allows you to display all your posts in one selected page. Therefore you can write short posts and all of them are automatically displayed in one selected page. This way you can have pages: "Home, About Us, Contact Us, Service Area, What We Do" and "Our News". This last page that can be named "Our News" is a great way to allow new visitors to preview all updates, pricing, coupons and offers from your company. To add a new post to WordPress Website - simply point a mouse cursor on Word "Posts" and click on "Add New". This way you will be able to add a new post.
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